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Bucket List

In January 2013 I created this bucket list after being told that without a double lung transplant I would only have 5 years or less to live.

Centre parks with my goddaughter Isla

Spa day with my sister Katy
Get a '65 roses' tattoo
See Disney on Ice with Isla
See One Direction live
Paraglide of a mountain in Austria
'Sleeping beauty' ballet, Nottingham 
Visit the Dorchester Hotel, Mayfair, for afternoon tea
See 'The staves' live
Watch Derren Brown live with my brother Joseph
Go to glastonbury festival with my sister Katy
Make a daisy chain 
Visit Kilworth house for afternoon tea
Have a 'Mad hatters 21st Birthday' party
Take Isla on holiday to our caravan
Visit Brighton
Qualify as a hairdresser
Visit Harry Potter studio tour
Taste a Vindaloo curry
Chocolate making workshop
Visit Winter wonderland in Hyde park, London
See 'Lion King' in the West End
Chocolate making workshop
See 'Chicago' at the Curve, Leicester 
Go and see 'The dream boys' perform
Have a greek Meze night
See Russell Brand live and meet him!
See 'South Pacific' at kilworth house outdoor theatre
Go Zorbing
Drive a speed boat
Have a ride on a jet ski
see Islas first day of school
Have a 6 course dinner on the GCR steam train
Get on the transplant list 
Cheese tasting
Lady gaga
See Lily Allen Live
Go up to the top of the Shard, London
Try Lobster

Since my Transplant in february 2015 I decided to add more to my bucket list as the things I am now able to do after a transplant are even more exciting than before! Below are the things I have been able to do since Transplant (in bold) and the things I would still like to do...

Grow my hair to my waist
Singing in the rain at kilworth house theatre summer 2015
Climb mount Tryfan in Snowdonia summer 2015
Compete in British transplant games July 2015
Host a murder mystery party 23rd birthday
Visit a haunted house Halloween 2015
Become an advocate for LLGL December 2015
Visit German christmas markets in Berlin December 2015
Meal at 'dans la noir' pitch black restaurant! 
Snowboard in Alp d'huez, France January 2016
Snowboard in Mayrhofen, Austria, March 2016
Glastonbury, June 2016
Fundraise for LLGL December 2016
Travel the east coast of Australia December 2016
Stargaze on the beach, Australia December 2016
Snorkel in the great barrier reef, Cairns, Australia, December 2016
Skydive, Byron Bay, Australia, January 2017
Travel around New Zealand January 2017
White water rafting January 2017
Abseil for CF trust, June 2017
Helicopter ride
Hot air Balloon ride
Longest zip wire ride
Try water skiing
Visit St Ives
Go to the Electric Cinema in Nottinghill
Go skinny-dipping!
Visit Rome 
Visit Iceland, blue lagoon, northern lights
Visit Japan
Visit Budapest 
Visit Amsterdam


  1. I think you should add Snowboarding in the Colorado Rockies to your list, but thats just me ;)


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