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Round 2!

On the morning of the 27th February, coincidently the morning after I uploaded my youtube video about my false alarm, I received a second false alarm!

At 6am my mobile rang but I didn't answer it as it came up with a number I didn't know compared to the usual 'unknown' that flashes up when the transplant coordinators ring. Straight away it flashed up on my phone saying I had a voicemail which I listened to immediately! As soon as I heard the Geordie accent I knew it was a call for transplant! My coordinator said in the message she would try my mums mobile next so I leapt out of bed and pounded on my parents bedroom door with my fists before running in and grabbing my mums mobile just as it started ringing! My parents were so confused and shocked by my wake up call to them it took them a second to realise I was on the phone to newcastle and that they had some lungs for me!

Like before we all ran around frantically getting the last minute things packed in our already pre …