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It's true what they say, third time lucky!

At 8.49am Tuesday 17th FebruaryI received my 3rd call for a double lung transplant! My coordinator asked me the usual set of questions about what my recent health had been like which unfortunately wasn't great, just 3 days before I had been bed or should I say toilet bound with a tummy bug that produced a lovely amount of projectile vomit! Obviously upon hearing this news my transplant coordinator was dubious as to whether or not I was well enough for the operation and so told me she would fist have to contact my CF nurse in Leicester to find out my latest blood results. that include a infection maker, that luckily I had had done on the day previously! After an epic 1 hour and 2 minute wait (10.13am) my phone rang and I answered jangling with nerves! It was good news, my tummy bug must have been a 12 hour one and it wasn't an infection that was hanging around, I had safe infection markers to operate! I was still warned that they would do a full assessment on me when I arrived …