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Double celebrations!

August has been a month of celebrating, with my 6 month transplant anniversary on the 17th and my 23rd birthday on the 19th I had plans to celebrate in style!

With a huge help from my sister, I arranged a murder mystery circus themed party to be held on the 15th of August! So I could play along, my sister took up the roll of host and organising of characters meaning I was as in the dark as everyone else as what the story was and most importantly who the murderer was! In the days leading up to my party, I gradually with the help of streamers, pompoms,  balloons, stripy table cloths and bunting was able to transform the downstairs of my house into a big top! I prepared the food of a circus, popcorn and pick 'n' mix along with cocktails in red cups!

On the morning of my party I made the finishing touches to the decor and then began to get ready into my character 'Ruddy Bijou' a male trapeze artist. I managed to get a jazzy leotard from the topshop sale for £10 and had som…

The British transplant games 2015

On the 28th July I travelled up to newcastle at 4am to attend my 5month post transplant clinic review, as usual I did lung function, x-ray, blood tests and saw my consultant. All my results were good so my consultant was very pleased with me and wished me the best of luck for the weekend in which I was to take part in the transplant games!

After clinic we went to pizza express for lunch before driving even further north to stay at a bed and breakfast in Hexham. We decided that it made sense to stay up north and we would have a 2 day mini break before the games began on the 30th of July! We arrived at the bed and breakfast late afternoon and dropped our bags off before heading straight out again to visit my dads, mums, cousin and her daughter and granddaughter who lived in the area and whom my dad hadn't seen for years! My Dads extended family is huge, I must have hundreds of relatives! It was a really nice evening at we managed to chat the night away not leaving until 11pm, absolu…