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Ticking things off my bucket list!

So I've been lucky enough to tick 2 things off my bucket list in the last few weeks...

Firstly I was invited to the Melton Mowbray Cheeseboard shop for a morning of cheese tasting after I made a plea on my local radio station during one of my interviews about CF awareness, that I was desperate to find somewhere that I could do cheese tasting! After the show, Ben the presenter was contacted by Tim at the Cheeseboard offering me to a morning of cheese heaven! Ben had the idea to record the whole experience and air it on the radio the following week, it turned out to be a fantastic idea, everyone who listened thought it was not only very informative but very funny too!

Here is a link to the interview if you want to listen!

I got to try a huge range of different cheeses, Stilton, Cheddar, Red leicester, Old Amsterdam, Gouda with cumin, White Stilton with mango and ginger and lots lots more that I can't remember the names of! After trying th…

Life on the transplant list

I've been on the list for almost a month now and am finally getting to grips with the implications of that and the reality! Everything has to be well planned out now and making plans into the future is more risky because I just don't know when my phone is going to ring. People it seems aren't very well educated on how organ donation and transplantation works. There is absolutely no way of knowing when I will get my call to say they have a matching pair of lungs so therefore no, I do not know how long I will be waiting for. People seem to forget that the organs come from a donor who has died and as we all know, predicting death is impossible non the more so predicting the death of someone who is a suitable donor for me. Unfortunately, there is not a factory that makes lungs as they are required, everyone seems used to living in a world where everything is accessible and available instantly, alas, lungs are not. There is no point either in asking me for an 'average' …