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Getting on the transplant list!

As many of you will know I was referred for assessment for a double lung transplant in July 2013. As part of the referral I had to have numerous tests to check my suitability, these tests were carried out at my CF centre, Glenfield Hospital in Leicester. The tests carried out were as follows:

Chest x-rayEchocardiagram (an ultrasound of the heart)Ultrasound of my liver (to check my liver is functioning with minimum damage from CF)24 hour urine collection (to check Kidney function)Bone density scan (to check for osteoporosis that can be worsened by post transplant drugs)Blood tests (to know as much as possible about every level possible to be tested!)Lung function (to check my lungs are bad enough to require transplant)Blood gases (blood taken from the artery to test oxygen levels)6 minute walk test (How far I can walk in 6 minutes and my oxygen levels while I do so)
The results from these tests were then sent to my transplant centre of choice along with a referral letter explaining who I…

My first blog!

Hello Everyone! 

For a long time now I have been meaning to start a blog focusing on my cystic fibrosis and how I cope with living my life despite the challenges it gives me! So finally here I am with my first blog, I apologise for the look of it, I'm not a computer whizz and very good at photoshop or coding so this is the best I could do! If anyone fancies helping me out to make a more professional looking blog I would really appreciate it! 

Anyway on this blog I am to provide a place for people who are interested to read about the ins and outs of my cystic fibrosis, my bucket list adventures and my journey to getting a double lung transplant! 

I aim to educate, entertain and inspire through this blog, I hope you enjoy it!