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A miracle review

It felt so strange walking into the house, you know how everyones house has a smell but you can never smell your own because you live in it, well because we'd been away so long I could smell my houses smell! I guess it was a combination of the pine wood doors, washing powder and reed diffusers dotted around the place, whatever is is though it smelt good! We wandered around the house  like we were viewing it for the very first time! Despite neighbours and friends going in it everyday to look after it, it still echoed and felt un lived in. There was a HUGE pile of post, even more wonderful 'get well' cards and even some gifts! The bills and other boring letters not so well received! 
Exhausted from the day I crashed on the sofa whilst mum prepared dinner and dad sorted out the spare room for me to sleep in. I couldn't go back into my bedroom until it had been deep cleaned due to the risk of my CF bugs being in there. I had to have a brand new duvet, pillows and bedding,…