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The home straight!

I awoke bright and early on Tuesday 7th April, to blue skies and sun, both my renal doctor and transplant doctor came to see me and were delighted with my progress, my kidney function was finally almost back to normal so I could stop having a liquid count everyday (writing down everything I drank and measuring everything I peed out!) and I was also allowed to ease off the potassium free diet which I had hated (no chocolate, crisps, fruit juice, tomato sauce) so yippee, I was in good spirits when my dad arrived! We went for my daily x-ray and a second lung function test, my x-ray looked great and my lung function had doubled since my first attempt! When we got back to my room I was corned by the physio to get on my bike and do some cycling! I managed 3 and a half minutes which impressed them enough to leave me alone for the rest of the day! With the weather so beautiful outside I wished so much I could go out for the afternoon to the seaside, I told dad this and he thought it was a lo…