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Ticking things off my bucket list!

So I've been lucky enough to tick 2 things off my bucket list in the last few weeks...

Firstly I was invited to the Melton Mowbray Cheeseboard shop for a morning of cheese tasting after I made a plea on my local radio station during one of my interviews about CF awareness, that I was desperate to find somewhere that I could do cheese tasting! After the show, Ben the presenter was contacted by Tim at the Cheeseboard offering me to a morning of cheese heaven! Ben had the idea to record the whole experience and air it on the radio the following week, it turned out to be a fantastic idea, everyone who listened thought it was not only very informative but very funny too!

Here is a link to the interview if you want to listen!

I got to try a huge range of different cheeses, Stilton, Cheddar, Red leicester, Old Amsterdam, Gouda with cumin, White Stilton with mango and ginger and lots lots more that I can't remember the names of! After trying them all Tim asked me what my favourites were and gave me a piece of each one to take home for free! I was so happy!

 Here is Tim telling us all about the cheese we are trying! 

 Me and my brother looking very happy with tummies full of cheese! 
The very generous huge amount of free cheese I was given to take home! 

I was in for another cheesy surprise when on holiday the following week; a super cute knitted cheeseboard of my own appeared out of nowhere on the table at the caravan! As many of you may know, since my 21st birthday '3 crazy daisy knitting ladies' have been on a knitting mission to keep me smiling by hiding little knitted things everywhere and anywhere over the last year! I have absolutely no clue who they are! My brother and sister know as they have helped out with hiding the knitted things and my brother was responsible for bringing the cheeseboard on holiday but no matter how many times I ask or guess they won't tell me who the knitters are!! It's so funny and mysterious! 
Anyway here is the knitted cheeseboard, complete with crackers, grapes and a knife, it's amazing! 
It came with 3 daises to show it was from the '3 crazy daisy knitting ladies' and even a little mouse! 

The second thing I have ticked off my bucket list is seeing Lady Gaga live in concert! I booked the tickets back in february and at the time I wondered if I would actually be well enough to make the concert but I took the chance as seeing her was a dream of mine. When I got put on the transplant list in september although I obviously wanted my transplant as soon as possible I also didn't want it to be before I saw gaga! My wish came true and on 15th october I was well enough and still pre-transplant so seeing Lady Gaga was a go ahead! I'm not usually a massive fan of dressing up but for Gaga there was no doubt I was going to dress up as crazy as I wanted because there isn't really going to be any other night in my life that it would be acceptable to do so! I decided to go for a mermaid theme like she wears for Venus, shells and big hair! I bought a kiddy tiara for £1 and glued shells and pearls all over it, I then searched pinterest for mermaid make-up ideas and spent over an hour doing my make-up and curling my hair! I bought a turquoise sequin dress a few weeks back to wear over the festive period but it turned out to be a perfect mermaidesque dress to complete my look! 
The whole show was fantastic! The set, her costumes and of course the music, I loved every minute of it! 

The next thing I have lined up on my bucket list is seeing Lily Allen in December, again though I have no idea if I'll get to see her or not because of when my call comes! 



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